Mark Stent is best known as a South African Producer and DJ, best known for his signature styles of music in uplifting house, and tech-house since 2005. Mark runs two of his own music labels and is the founder and co-owner of MAUStrack, an artist-centric platform that helps creators track airplay and proceeds due to them. He is a Mathematics fanatic, Chartered Statistician and Data Scientist pursuing an MSc in Artificial Intelligence. 


Mark has spent the last few years concentrating on making music rather than playing it and honing his production skills.

His first solo album, ‘Solid’, was a huge success, with nearly every track topping the charts on both Apple Music and Spotify.

His second solo album, ‘Switch’, represented his transition from being a DJ who sometimes produced music to a Producer who occasionally played music. Almost every track on this album was played when it was released.

His third solo album, ‘Solitude,’ represented finding his place as a producer, a place of solitude and contentment, and the album was a global success. While headlining at shows, he was working hard to find that internal balance.

‘Sugar,’ his fourth solo album, was borne during the COVID-19 pandemic and was a sweet nod to his evolution as an artist, representing the sounds he wanted to make and the person he had become.

His fifth album, ‘Season,’ is his most personal to date. A diverse range of experiences he’s had since expanding his career beyond music. An expression of how each season can be used to grow: Autumn for reflection, Winter for introspection, Spring for evolution, and Summer for celebration. A very personal album that encourages people to embrace the seasons of life that shape who they are.  k

Mark owns and runs two music labels, 3GirlsMusic, a label for his personal music releases, and Stentfire Music, a label created to help new and upcoming young artists to release underground African dance music genres such as Amapiano, Afro-tech and Afro-house.

Mark worked through lockdown to create MAUS (Music Audit Usage System), an inspired, independent, user-friendly, one-stop technology-based platform, to help South African artists keep track of their airplay and the subsequent royalties due to them. It was a response to a material need for creatives to take control of the economics of their vocations.

He is also a Chartered Statistician who works as a Data Scientist while pursuing a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence.His love of mathematics has taken him on the journey of working with matric students to mentor them through some tough maths problems – a close collaboration with News24.

Mark currently resides in the garden route in the Western Cape, where he focuses on production and creating his personal brand of music for radio and dancefloors alike. His commitment to living a balanced life between health and wellness is nothing short of a religion for him and those who follow his passion in everything he does.