The release of my fifth solo album, Season – my most personal album to date

Mark Stent · Jul 21, 2022

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Today is my birthday. It is also the launch of my fifth solo album, Season. A very emotional album for me and one that I am most proud of. I approached its creation differently from the others. It’s been an iterative process, refining, shaping and coming to life over months of work. I am in a new season of my life, and everything has changed since the launch of Sugar in 2020. This album represents everything from my career path to where I live to who I have in my life and how I spend my time.

The changes I have been through brought a lot of self-reflection; constructing Season felt very intimate in that it symbolises the change in me as a man and musician – an expression of myself personally and my evolution musically.

I am in a new season.

There is a lot of depth to this album, from dark melodic chords to happy piano melodies and underground club basslines. I have been lucky enough to collaborate with some of the best artists South Africa has to offer, and from each of them, I learned and experimented with something new – pushing myself to try new things while keeping my music distinct to my sound. The mastering is all done with analogue gear, which gives it the warmth and fullness that trademark this album (thank you to Brickwall Mastering for this, you guys are the best!).

As I reflect on the release of this album, and the four that came before it, I look back at my growth over the decades and feel incredibly grateful for the journey.

To my collaborators on Season, you are all my friends, my colleagues. Thank you. Season is ours, a piece of art that embodies our energies coming together, you rock! To Wessel Meyer from Shindig Music and Shona for your help on vocal recordings – you are both magic. Also, to my friend Chris Marsberg for the conceptual artwork – you got me and made my vision come to life.

The result of all of this is a body of work that I am incredibly proud of and can’t wait to share with you all.

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